Exhibitor Testimonials - 2021 

"It is an important component of our marketing efforts."

David Gordon, President, Green Building Partners, LLC

"The 2021 show as the best yet. More companies are clearly looking for alternate solutions or providers than ever before. Likely this is a result of shrinking budgets and limited vendor offerings impacted by the pandemic."

Nicole Easton, Vice President, A-1 Concrete Leveling

“The show was excellent and we will definately be lifers.”

Guy Cammarano, VP of Sales, BJ Muirhead Inc.

"Very good show. Met people who can make decisions."

Paul, Independent Sales Associate, Viking Products Group

“This is our only local exposure and is very valuable to us. It's difficult to market our product and this show provides us with a hands-on and visual marketing experience.”

Lisa Wopperer, Director of Marketing, RIBCO

“The diversity of attendees is a great asset to our company."

Jackie Flynn, Senior Project Manager, Interior Solutions of WNY

“Great way to network, speak to suppliers, meet new customers."

George, Construction Sales Manager, Rexel

“Excellent! Well done. Cost appropriate.”

Scott, Sales Rep, Allegion

“We have a bunch of leads for customers that don't currently use our products. A lot of potential! We love the exposure!"

Christina Sobczynski, Sales Rep, Sherwin-Williams

“The FM Expo was definately worth it;  we've already made a sale from the expo and have many meetings scheduled from people we've spoken with today.”

Jennifer, Marketing Coordinator, Allied Mechanical, Inc.

“Sign me up for next year. I can't say enough good things about the work you do!”

Doug Eberhardt, Marketing and Communications Director, Lehigh Construction Group Inc.

“Lots of good/new leads. Well attended. Very satisfied!”

Dan Hartman, Regional Manager, Eaton Wiring Devices

“This is a great opportunity to meet people relevant to my industry and product offering that I normally would not be able to.”

Cathy Tuhovak, District Manager, Mannington Commercial

“Great exposure and very well organized. We will look forward to being back each and every year!”

Jake George, Project Manager, VSP Graphic Group

"It was very professionally run and a great value for the money. We look forward to exhibiting in the FM Expo again next year."

Linda D'Agostino, Buffalo Safe Step

"The FM Expo is a great opportunity to get our company name out there and to network with potential clients and others in the service industry."

Giorgio Panepinto, General Manager, Casella Waste Management of NY, Inc.