Seminar/Education Schedule

Informational seminars, workshops and demonstrations enhance the show experience by providing attendees and exhibitors alike the opportunity to learn about the interesting new processes, services, products, information, and regulations in the industry. There are two Conference Rooms/Areas and seminars will run concurrently.  Printable Schedule

10:15am-11:15am (Rm 1)  Drone Technology - Better Data Collection Method for Improving Maintenance Programs & Facilities Planning

  • Drone Laws & Regulations
  • Drone Technology
  • Drone Applications & Benefits for Facilities

Presented by: EagleHawk One LLC (Patrick Walsh & Will Schulmeister)

11:30am-12:30pm (Rm 1)  Slip & Fall Claims Weighing You Down?  Minimize Your Exposure to the Most Commonly Litigated Premises Liability Claims in WNY

Tired of dealing with snow and ice related claims? Not looking forward to the upcoming winter as a property manager in WNY? Learn how to reduce your exposure to winter-related slip and fall claims in this interactive session.

  • Avoiding common pitfalls that can lead to claims
  • Implementing proven risk management practices
  • Steps to take after an incident occurs

Kenney Shelton Liptak Nowak, LLP  (Amanda L. Machacek, Esq. & Kate L. Hartman, Esq.)

in conjunction with Construction Exchange of Buffalo & WNY

10:15-11:15am (Rm 2)  Benefits of Solar PV

Learn about the benefits of purchasing a solar PV system for both commercial and residential customers by taking advantage of available government incentives and offsetting energy pulled from the utility.

  • Learn how we tie into the grid using net metering
  • Outline of government incentives and how they play into the cost of the system
  • Talk about the process from initial assessment to installation to post-installation monitoring

Presented by: Solar by CIR (Jordan Levin)

11:30am-12:00pm (Rm 2)  AWT/RT Fork Lift Training Requirements

Learn about fork lift training in accordance with state, federal and ANSI regulations and compliance with 29CFR.

  • Government Compliance
  • Employee Safety
  • Equipment Placement

Presented by: Admar Supply (John Faulise)

12:15-1:00pm (Rm 2)  Ductless Solution

We'll show you how to apply ductless as a solution for venting and cooling of trouble areas.

  • Heating with heat pumps
  • Temperature control for trouble areas
  • Low cost of operation for heating & cooling

Presented by: VP Supply (Martin Schultz)

12:45-1:45pm (Rm 1)  Mold Remediation in NYS: What You Need to Know

Introduction to indoor air quality, health effects and potential sources of mold growth. A brief history of mold standards and an overview of NYS standards, training and certification.

  • When is mold a problem?
  • Mold exposure and potential health effects
  • NYS legislation

Presented by: Environmental Education Associates, Inc. (Andrew McLellan)

1:15-2:15pm (Rm 2)  Taking Control of Facility Maintenance with CMMS

Learn the benefits of utilizing a computerized maintenance management system to efficiently support your facilities. Review of:

  • Features & Functions
  • Implementation
  • Buying Tips

Presented by: Q Ware (Tim Thomas)

2:00-3:00pm (Rm 1) What You Need to Know About Physical Security for Today's Concerns

Today's needs are to protect your people, physical assets, buildings, grounds and valuable data. Get an understanding of security components you can implement for protection, data reference, compliance, litigation support.

  • Management Software Features
  • Camera and Door Access Considerations
  • Options Like Facial and License Plate Recognition

Presented by: Frontrunner Network Systems (Sean Patton)


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